TASA night market 2019.

  • ✧ Role: Visual Design, Marketing
  • ✧ Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop
TASA Night Market

▲ The brand identity for the 2019 Night Market was heavily influenced by Taiwanese culture. I created a mascot that mimics Taipei's own black bear mascot and included sky lanterns, boba milk tea, and skewers as they are all popular and representative elements of Taiwan's night markets.

▼ I also designed a Facebook event page, a Facebook profile picture frame, and a Snapchat geofilter.

TASA Facebook

TASA Snapchat

▼ To provide attendees a way to commemorate the Night Market, I designed stickers that featured our most popular food items. These stickers were sold before the event as promotional material and also at the Night Market.

TASA Stickers

Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) is a social and cultural organization that celebrates and explores Taiwanese American culture. The Night Market is our biggest annual event where we replicate Taiwanese night markets through food, games, and performances.

For the 2019 Night Market, I designed a flyer, a Facebook event page, a Facebook frame, and a Snapchat geofilter.

Thanks to our creative content and social media marketing efforts, we saw a 25% increase in attendance and a 128% increase in social media response from the previous year. Almost 2,000 people attended the 2019 Night Market.